San Juan Mountain Mustards

Caliente Cream Mustard

Caliente Cream Mustard
Akin to traditional oriental mustard, sweet yet refreshing, with a bit of a rush. Enhance egg rolls, tofu, or stir fry. Slather on sausage or grilled salmon and tickle your taste buds.

Cherry Habanero Mustard
Our most popular mustard. Sweet cherries smolder in the fruity flames of legendary Red Savina habanero peppers. Serve as a dip, jazz up pizza, slather on home fries and eggs, and get the glow.

Cranberry Spice Mustard
Perfect for the holiday Festive Cranberry Spice Mustard. Swirl it in sweet, mashed or backed potatoes. Fill the bird with mustard and ricotta cheese. Slather over brie. Mix with mayo for sandwich spreads or dips.

Honey Chipotle Mustard
This distinctive blend of local honey and smoked peppers enhances chicken, burgers and fries. Swirl into garlic mashers, baked potatoes or egg salad. Stuff chicken with mustard, raspberry jam and cream chess then bake and savor.

Honey Dill Mustard
Local wildflower honey and a dash of dill make this blend superb for potato and egg salads. Encrust fish or turkey and bake away. Add to soups and dressing to tantalize your taste buds.

Maple Horseradish Mustard
Pure Vermont maple syrup and pungent horseradish create this surprising taste sensation. Enhance baked beans and soups: slather on roast beef and steak.

Steamworks Beer Mustard
Steamworks Backside Stout is an outstanding pairing to soak up our San Juan mustard seeds. This dark beer, brewed at our local Durango Brewery adds depth to our honey sweetened blend. Slather on a ham sandwich, brat or any meat.