Lemon Creamed Honey

Lemon Creamed Honey 16 oz
Creamed Honey

Lemon Creamed Honey is great for tea! Grandmothers all know that creamed lemon honey is a must for those cold, sneezy, sore throat days. Added to tea, lemon honey is great for the body and soothing to the soul.

Creamed honey is pure, raw honey which has been whipped with nothing added. Old timers call it spun; Southerners call it whipped; here at Haefeli's, we have always called it creamed. Whatever you call it, Haefeli's spreadable, soft honey will make your mouth water and put a smile on your face! Great for tea, biscuits, warm toast, crackers, pancakes or just right off the spoon!


Note: Discounted price only applies if you buy 12 of the same size and flavor!